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Monday, January 14, 2013

Nearly The End of The world

This is Brocks latest peice of writing, The first paragraph of the story he actually wrote himself, whilst the rest he dictated to someone.
I am very proud how far he has come and that he is willing to have a go.

If I was to write this peice exactly how he wrote( without correcting his spelling) you would see where he is struggling, but with a little perservenece and enchouragement I am sure he will get better as time goes on.

Please read this wonderful story from a boy, with what you will see is a vivid imagination and we would love to hear some feed back.

Nearly the End of The World
By Brock age 10 yrs

It all started at our soccer match, we were losing by two goals, there was ten minutes on the clock,
I got one goal in time.
The whole stadium fell, I ran to the side.
There was me and five other people who survived.
I looked and my friend Jack who was hanging off the edge.
Jack slipped , I just caught him by the tip of his fingers, then all hell went loose, a massive robot with a laser started shooting at the stadium.
The laser was pointing at my friend Jack, it fired, I pushed Jack out of the way and the laser missed. Then the laser fired at me, it missed me because I dodged the laser beam.

Then the army came, the army started firing at the robot with everything they've got, but didn't even make a scratch.
The robot started shooting at the tanks, they all blew up.

The laser then shot another soccer player with a different type of laser which made him incinerate, where nothing was left but his bones.
Jack and I were shocked . 
We tried to get out of the entrance but it was blocked until one of the tanks shot the entrance which blew the rocks away.

The laser started shooting at us and we bolted to the exit, and then we knew our life was on the line.
The laser shot again at Jack, it got him in the chest.
Jack incinerated, nothing left but his bones.

I was still running for the exit. I got outside, I was so so upset over losing my best friend Jack.
I was determined to find out who sent this robot and to kill them.
I found a message coming down from the sky in a letter. It said...........

Dear Brock,
We are sending a massive wave of Aliens 
to exterminate you, for getting away
from our massive robot.
                               your sincerely
                               The Red Skull

I was completely out of my mind after reading this letter. 
I just couldn't believe my eyes when I looked up the massive massive wave of Aliens was approaching, armed with ray guns, death guns and incinerating guns.

I bolted to my motor bike and sped away. "Where am I going to go?" I thought, I looked up and saw my friend Alex about to be shot by an Alien ray gun.
I grabbed a baseball bat and scooped it up from the ground, when I drove past the Alien and whacked him across the head as hard as I could.
His head exploded, green gunk went everywhere. 
I turned around and picked Alex up and grabbed the Ray gun from the headless Alien.

The headless Alien started to chase me on my motorbike. Alex shot the headless Alien with the Ray gun and it blew up.
We drove off.

I turned on my rocket boosters on my bike and flew with Alex on the back of the bike. We put on our space helmets, we flew up to space. 
Thankfully space helmets have a never ending oxygen supply.

We flew up to my ginormous base that has machine guns and ray guns all over it.
We flew into the ginormous space ship.
When we got inside we saw Alex BB 
Alex BB was ready for us. he said "Do you want me to set Red Alert Captain?"
I said "No we are fine"
Alex BB said "Okay Sir"
Alex was amazed. He fainted!

Alex woke up in the medical area.
He opened the door and saw me waiting for him. He was really upset because his parents were still down there. He said to me
I said "I've got it covered"
Then his parents walked through the door.
"Mum, Dad, I thought I lost you" said Alex.
I smiled, then walked off.

Alex ran up to me and said ' Thank you"
Alex followed me to the control centre. We saw big explosions coming from Earth.
I said "Get out of here fast as you can, use hyperspace if you wish"
We must end this horrible war someday. Until the space ship used hyperspace we flew to Mars.

I went to the laboratory, one of Jack's bones was there being examined I said "Quick use the reverse cycle on the Laser gun on the bone"The next minute Jack comes back to life.
Jack says"What am I doing here?"
Jack starts to go crazy. 
Jack then realises he is safe " Am I on a spaceship? 
I said "Yes"
One of the nurses said " Should I show him around?"
I said "Yes you may"
I said to Jack " The nurse will show you around." Jack said " Ok".

I went back to the command centre, there was a massive wave of Aliens approaching. 
I set the ship on red alert. All the Alien ships started firing at us.
I said" Fire"

The next minute there was a massive war going on, Good versus Evil.
All of our gun ships were flying out getting ready for battle.
The Alien pod ships were coming towards our ship.
Our gun ships were shooting at the Alien gunships.
The Alien gunships were shooting back at us. 
This battle went on for hours, it seemed like days. I wanted to end the horrible war.
I said "Fire the massive Laser at the ship" 
It was a one off shot , so I had to choose my aim carefully.

I called all of my pod ships in. 
When all of the pod ships were in, I fired the massive laser at the Alien Mother ship.
All of the Alien pod ships stopped. 
We saw all of the Aliens dead.
I yelled out " Victory Is Ours"
We returned back to Earth, everyone is cheering.
The End.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life on the hill

I love living in the hills, which I suppose is a good thing, but of late I have been thinking about it more and more.

I am not sure what it is, but I find myself more and more not wanting to go down the mountain.

Now for people like my Uncle who finds the saying "down the mountain" quite funny, I am positive or at least hoping that there are others that feel the same.

I love living in this community of ours, I love the environment in which we get to share the beauty of the trees, the vegetation and the little townships nestled amongst them.

The reason I hate heading down the mountain I believe, is that it does not contain these wonder full things.
It is a feeling of dread to head out of my little haven and face that big bad world of suburbia.
I hate that it is busier, more crowded and the feeling of  being trapped by all that is around you, its stifling.
I find as I drive up the mountain I feel myself relax, breath more deeply and can take in the magnificent views that the hills have to offer.

I know for sure that this is where I am meant to be, nestled amongst the natural giants, where you can hide if you feel the need or can be amongst them all and feel a sense of peace.

It is where I like to call home.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doing it all on your own

Have you ever sat and wondered what it would be like if you suddenly found yourself on your own.
By this I mean your partner is not with you for one reason or the other.
I have found myself thinking about this very subject this week.
Now don't fret my husband and I are still together but he has had to be in hospital this week due to celulitis.
It has not been nice to say in the least, the infection became quite serious and he has had to go on very strong antibiotics.
The good news is he should be home tomorrow and we shall be a happy family again.
But getting back to my point, I have had a extremely busy week coping with the normal routine of getting the kids where they need to be, visiting my husband and making sure he has all he needs,organising the house and to add to the caos, visits to another hospital due to my father in law needing treatment for cancer.

Through out this time I have found myself thinking, I could not do this on my own in a full time capacity, It has made me realise that we (being my husband and I) work very well as a team and for that I am gratefull.

I wonder how do all the single parents out there do it, I know they would say they have to, but I sit here in total admiration for those people out there that are coping and finding the strength to do this on a full time basis.

I also realise how lucky I am to have a man in my life who is supportive and willing to help in this big task that is with us for the next how ever many years.

Would love to hear if you have found yourself in the same situation as me at some stage and how you manged to get through.


Thursday, February 9, 2012


Well for those who have known me for a while will be well aware that we have been renovating our little house for quite some time. And we are still at it, I would think we may have been finished if we did not decide to go on holidays and live life along the way.

A wise woman said to me one day that the kids will remember the holidays but not a freshly painted wall and I am agree wholeheartedly.

I am happy to say that we did not decide to go away recently and made the executive decision to see if we could paint our bedroom which would mean we could actually say that we had finished a room.

The photos below are of the room before, The white rectangular shapes on the wall are where the old wardrobes were and not shown in this shot is the frieze that I had already removed from around the top of all walls.

We have lived with this lovely (ARRRRRGH) shade of pink for the whole time we have lived here, So you can imagine my delight when I saw the results of the finshed product.


We are both very happy with our new room and have decided it is time to finish the down stairs bathroom. Will keep you updated.

Where he got to in 2011

I have been wanting to write this post for some time now but with christmas and a very busy January I am just managing to get to it now, So I am really proud to give to you my little man B's latest and longest piece of work he has ever produced. Written with enthusiasm which makes us all very happy.
So here we go the latest addition and a great way to end the school year in 2011

It all started at a little village called One Tree Hill Road and at a little house there was a little boy called Jack and he lived with his Father and Mother.
One night Jack went hunting for food. He found a red egg.
When he went home he hid the egg in some hay.
The next night the egg started to hatch into a dragon, a red dragon. Then the dragon breathed blue fire onto Jacks hand which made a spiral shape, then Jack fell asleep.
Then the next morning the dragon was hungry then the dragon saw a rat, then the dragon ate the rat.
Then Jack taught the Dragon to fly,then the dragon flew away and the dragon grew into full size then came to Jack was amazed mean while at jacks house his father was attacked by Rarsacks. The Jack came home and saw his father dying so Jack finished his life so he didn't see his father suffer.
Jack was angry. Some man came to see what had happened his name was Brock, He said we must go, Jack said I have to bury him, Brock said I will set the place on fire.
Then Brock set the place on fire. In a minute the place was a huge fire . Then Jack was upset, then they set off into the jungle and they rode on the horses for a while untill they stopped .
Brock and Jack will we make camp here said Brock, Jack said will we be safe? Brock said Yes as long as nobody see's us we will be safe here. Then they set up camp. then it became night. Then they went to bed they saw nasty mean growlers, they ran away from the growlers. Brock said that was close and quick lets go so we can get some sleep.
Brock you stay and ambush the growlers.

And the story  may continue, We are so proud of his efforts so far.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dealing with the In between

How times have moved on since I started this blog in 2010.

I first started this blog to assist/encourage my daughter to write (detailed in post on 27th Feb 2010).

I have just been looking over some of my previous posts and have come to realise that even though my children still have an opportunity to post their writing on here, which of course I encourage and find it to be a wonderful way for them to receive feed back and encouragement from the outside world. I have also found myself utilising it to put my ideas down, I did not expect this when I started

Unfortunately I have not been able to blog as much as I would have liked over the past twelve months, with working full time, being Mum and wife there was not much time for those things let alone time and energy left to give over to my inner thoughts and write my blog.

So late last year my husband and I decide it was time to make some changes, so primarily I could give more time to the kids. This meant I needed to leave my Management position at a training organisation and have commenced working at my husbands business. Which means I can drop the kids off at school, pick them up and be home for them to help with homework etc and even manage a play date in there resulting in much happier children.

I have not regretted this decision for one moment, I have less stress, I spend more time with my kids as stated and get to see my husband more, bonus all around.( of course not so much when said husband is having a bad day)

But (there is always a But) I am finding myself in a very interesting predicament, which I am sure I am not the only one out there,

And that is,

Who am I now ?

Yes I am a mother, a wife (got that and proud to be so)

But I felt I used to be more.

I was a mentor, a leader, I held a position where I could pass on my knowledge to help others progress and achieve, I was learning new things everyday and was challenged.

I find this situation an interesting place to be in, I have an opportunity and the time to invest in the requirements needed to help both our children, who have Dyslexia and processing issues as well as pursue my goals concerning food establishments that cater for children that have to eat a Gluten Free Diet.( that is another problem within itself) if you are know of any I would love to hear about it over

This situation I find myself in is all new but not surprising, especially not only to myself but to those that know me well.

I am sure with time I will find myself gaining the satisfaction required to make me feel like I am contributing in a way that I feel satisfied.I also recognise I need a challenge in life and I realise that I am on my way to meet that challenge but how do I deal with the time in between?

Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is my entry into the photo fun hapinening over at hhtp://

Where a theme is put up each week and the challenge is to take a photo or find an old one to share.

I have finally managed to fiind a few minutes to share one of my photo's.

This one is of my daughter when we were having fun in the sun and we can go nowhere in sunny Australia without our pink zinc cream.
And I just love the crinkles across her nose.

Thanks for stopping by.