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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Door And A Whole Lot Of Magic

Part Two

Wow! Said Chloe it's a door with gold all
around it.
Let’s take a look inside said Nicholas,
NO! Said Chloe who was a bit frightened.
Nicholas didn’t listen and opened the door anyway and was very surprised to feel a big gust of wind that nearly made him fall over.

Annabelle came over and started staring in through the door at a big Tornado, she was staring so hard that she fell through the doorway and just like being sucked through a straw she was taken into the Tornado windstorm .
Nicholas jumped in after her and just caught her hand and held on to her tightly.
Chloe was worried she was all alone the only thing she could think of was to follow them.
I coming yelled Chloe!

As the three children fell through the Tornado they felt dizzy and weary their bodies went all limp and they found it hard to keep awake before they knew it they were asleep.

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