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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Soon they realised they were being taken to someone very important because they were being led into a chasm that looked like a great hall of magic, it had sparkles all over the round tall room.
There was a chair in the centre of the room with gold,silver and crystal clear diamonds on it!

And there was a fairy propped on the chair.

The fairy looked a lot like the others except he had a crown on his very royal and noble looking head, he also had a cape made out of red and green leaves which draped across the floor and in his hand he held a big staff.

“He must be their king” whispered Nicholas.

The King then shouted “Who are you” in a deep and dark voice.
I am “Nicholas this is my sister Chloe.”
Where did you come from boomed the King.
We live in Australia said Nicholas.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


My life at the moment seems to be so busy with everything that a working Mum and Wife entails and the opportuninty to enjoy the little things seem to be put on the back burner.

I find this quite sad but when you at least expect it a moment will appear and you have that opportunity to do just that.

And this happened today.

We were rushing out the door running late for swimming and there they were, a bunch of little mushrooms making their home inbetween the sleepers that make up our path to the front door.

At this precise moment I did not take the opportuninty to have a closer look, as stated previously we were already running late. and if I was to take this moment it would seem like it was not worth going to swimming at all.

They will have to just wait.

And they did, after what has been what I would call "not the best morning" I was fealing quite low and then I remembered the mushrooms so out I went with my trusty camera and took some photos of these little musrooms. and this is what I saw,

A little cluster of mushrooms working their way up through the earth to adorn my path and help me realise sometimes it is the little things in life are what matters, They can go on sitting there unnoticed or I can enjoy their beauty and give myself some time to enjoy the smaller things in life.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dad I'm going to Fire Brigade

Now this is a moment I would never had thought would happen

Dad I am going to Fire Brigade"

Now you may think there is nothing so weird about that and I would normally tend to agree with you, but in this instance, the Brigade for the last 25 years has been something that only I have attended.

Not any more, my daughter has decided to give the Junior Fire brigade a go.Funnily enough something I never had the chance to do,I joined the Fire Brigade when I was sixteen and was eligiable to go straight into seniors.

I am very excited for her in regards to what she is about to be involved in, it is a great opportunity to experience something that not all get too and she will have the chance to meet some great people and hopefully will experience all the great things that being invloved with the C.F.A has to offer.

So we will see, what the future will bring, she has enjoyed the first two nights and is keen to go back,so time to sit back and let the future unfold.