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Saturday, August 21, 2010


My life at the moment seems to be so busy with everything that a working Mum and Wife entails and the opportuninty to enjoy the little things seem to be put on the back burner.

I find this quite sad but when you at least expect it a moment will appear and you have that opportunity to do just that.

And this happened today.

We were rushing out the door running late for swimming and there they were, a bunch of little mushrooms making their home inbetween the sleepers that make up our path to the front door.

At this precise moment I did not take the opportuninty to have a closer look, as stated previously we were already running late. and if I was to take this moment it would seem like it was not worth going to swimming at all.

They will have to just wait.

And they did, after what has been what I would call "not the best morning" I was fealing quite low and then I remembered the mushrooms so out I went with my trusty camera and took some photos of these little musrooms. and this is what I saw,

A little cluster of mushrooms working their way up through the earth to adorn my path and help me realise sometimes it is the little things in life are what matters, They can go on sitting there unnoticed or I can enjoy their beauty and give myself some time to enjoy the smaller things in life.


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  1. I think that this is lovely and is exactly the kind of thing that we should all take the time to stop and appreciate - sometimes we let our lives get too fast!
    I can tell you that I used to work in a hardware store (you may know it :P) where you would think you would struggle to find beauty. And in that place, I found the most uplifting, soul-lifting beauty in both the surroundings and the people.
    Noticing the little things can warm our hearts, but it's love that makes us glow.

    Corz xx