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Thursday, October 27, 2011


This is my entry into the photo fun hapinening over at hhtp://

Where a theme is put up each week and the challenge is to take a photo or find an old one to share.

I have finally managed to fiind a few minutes to share one of my photo's.

This one is of my daughter when we were having fun in the sun and we can go nowhere in sunny Australia without our pink zinc cream.
And I just love the crinkles across her nose.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I remember

I have not had time recently to head over to
But having a few minutes spare tonight to wander over and see what is going on, the opportunity to visit some exercises that we had attempted earlier has proven to be the perfect opportunity to use this time for reflection.
I chose to revisited a timed exercise with the title of I remember.
I have used this exercise to write the things I remember about my Nan who unfortunately passed away two weeks ago.
So thank you Inkpaperpen for giving me a prompt to write some memories that will now last for more than a lifetime.

I Remember

I remember the time we spent with you over our school holidays, and thinking back I wonder why you were happy to have four screaming kids with you for an extended period of time.
I remember your love of coffee, icecream and the Woman's Day.
I remember your passion for your garden.
And your little dogs Tiny and Ish
I remember you hair always being silky grey.
I remember when you walked, one of you feet would slightly turn outwards.
I remember our trips to the shopping centre and always stopping at the toy store on our way home.
I remember your red shoe's and how your little dogs would go crazy when you put them on, as they knew it was time for walk.
I remember you sitting in your favourite chair watching the tennis while you knitted something special or painted your nails.
I remember that moisturiser which was contained in a pineapple shaped dispenser and that you were the only person I knew who would moisturise their elbow's
I remember the long chats we would have over a cuppa when I came home from school.
I will always remember being grateful that my children can say they knew their great Nan.
I remember you.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photographer in the making (maybe)

I saw the add in the paper, Cranbourne is turning 150Yrs and the Bulla Bulla Community Centre was celebating by hosting a photgraphic competition.

I have always enjoyed photography and my daughter and son have both shown an interest,

so I thought it would be nice to enter.

The theme for the competition was to take a photo in the Cranbourne area and to use your imagination.

So one sunny Saturday afternoon we went to Cranbourne to take our photos, we only went to three locations within the main area of Cranbourne, one being a local Presbytarian Church, two was the Old Shire Offices and thirdly was a park.

Click click went the camera the three of us taking in turn to take our shots.

Once we had exhausted all of our prospective phot options, we headed home to sort through which ones we would print and enter into the competition.

Once all set with our photos, I headed down to the community Centre to drop off our entries, mind you on the last possible day and quite late in the day and with the week I was having it was lucky I managed to get them in at all.

The weeks went by and we planed to attend the display night where the winners were to be announced.

The week of the function arrived and I received a phone call from one of the organisers to see if we were definitely coming, as one of our family members had been short listed, Well wasn't this a surprise, we had been excited just to be involved in the competition, let alone be in the running for a prize.

The Friday night of the function finally arrived and the three of us went to see the display, We managed to get a quick look at some of the photos before we were all called in for the formal part of the evening.

The first winner to be announced was the winner of the junior section which was up to 12 years, so both my daughter and son were eligible to win and at this stage we did not know who was short listed.

Then it came, my son was announced the winner of the junior section, well you could imagine my joy and his on receiving his certificate and an envelope holding a $100 note, You could not hide the excitement from his face, as he had never seen an $100 note let alone have one.

The announcements kept on flowing and it was time to announce the photo that was awarded best in show and to my utter amazement my sons photo was announced as the winner.

Up he went with a look of complete surprise and was given an envelope with $200 in it. my goodness me you could not wipe the grin of his face.

What a fantastic night we had, I am still in absolute awe of my little man and how he conducted himself and how he interacted with all the people who came and spoke to him about his photo and the pride I have in the fact that my kids are willing to put themselves out there and give things an red hot go.

My daughter was very gracious over her brother winning and that in itself makes me proud to call our kids ours.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

One Liner

This is my one liner for the challenge over at inkpaperpen where you had to create a sentence about your day. It certainly does not have any creative flair,but it certainly states how I felt about my day.

Home is where my heart is and where I find comfort in my own space,work is where my mind and body has to be, too find an even balance of both, seems like an unattainable miracle.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Plane Battle

I cannot express how excited I am to be posting this new story.
My little man B has done it again and with lots of enthusiasm.
I never thought I would be saying that for a long while to come.
But here it is, B's latest story, I suggest you hold on.

It all started at the sea. There were good planes and bad planes that were fighting.
Then a good plane saw a bad ship. the good planes were getting taken down. The good planes retreated and reported back to the Captain. the Captain said we will do a surprise attack tomorrow morning.
The next day they started a attack. The attack worked but the bad guys still lived.
The good guys started to make an atom bomb with lots and lots and lots and lots of gun powder. They loaded the plane with the atom bomb.
They started their attack, the enemy did not know they had the atomic bomb but the enemy started to fire anyway.
Then the good plane dropped the atomic bomb on the bad base. The bomb, it made a huge explosion, the good guys won the battle. the good guys celebrated.
The End.
Thankyou for reading

( Note this is exactly how it was written but spelling was corrected)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Feels like going on a winery tour

This is my third entry for Write on Wednesday, and the theme was to go to your Facebook page or twitter and take inspiration form the first entry you come across. Here is what I came up with.

If you want to see other entries head over too


I headed down the winding road taking in the view of the rolling hills all green from the latest rain and looking fresh and smooth, the view reminds me of times gone by when I would roll down hills, just like it when I was little.

In the distance, little dapples of brown are scattered over the hills, where the trees have made there homes along the ridges of the smooth rolling hills, the sun filtered its rays through the glass in the windscreen and is warm on my face.

I can see the vines in the distance, all in formation making there way along the the side of the hill, they soak in the sunshine to help produce the little buds of juice, which I'm looking forward to sampling once they have completed their long fermenting process, where they give all they have to give.

The liquid contained in a squeaky clean glass leaves residue as you swirl it around and around, taking a sip of the lovely fragranced syrup, my taste buds start tingling with pleasure, the fluid covers the inside of my mouth and the sweet aroma fills my nostrils with the sweet fruity scent.

As I sit and enjoy this moment, I realise this is why I felt like going on a winery tour.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Remember

This is my second attempt at a writing exercise for Ink paper pen. I am not sure how well I write but so far I have enjoyed the thoughts these exercises are provoking.

Write On Wednesdays Exercise 3 - I remember: Write "I remember" a the top of your page. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Use "I remember" as your prompt and write down the first words that come into your head for 5 minutes. Stop when the buzzer rings! Do this exercise over and over if you wish. I will try to do it every morning this week. I'll let you know how I go...I am hoping that the thought of having to tell you all about my progress will be the motivation I need to keep at it!

I remember the fun we used to have the support you gave and the unconditional love
I remember the day you said its time to lead your own life.
I remember the wrestles we had on the couch that made my sister and I scream until it seemed we had no breath left to breath.
I remember you coaching us from the side lines at our netball games, encouraging us to be the best we could be.
I remember your quiet times when you would sit and listen, absorbing all that was around you and contribute only when you felt it was necessary.
I remember your laugh and how animated you were when you were telling stories of times gone by.
I remember your smile and the twinkle in your eyes.
I remember the frail man you have become and realising you are not the man you used to be,your body has changed but deep down I am sure your spirit has not altered.
I remember saying goodbye.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

To watch and listen

The scene is set in my kitchen with my two children making something for tea.It is one of those nights when I can't be bothered cooking, so anything goes. I sit quietly in the corner watching and listening to them both, it all makes sense when you are viewing the activity set out before you but to now to have only the dialog has really made me realise how to view life in its entirety and not in parts gives you a clearer view.

Um! Shea, you are allowed your purple one.
I am saving mine for desert.
Feel hungry.
Mum can I have jelly now
Can I have my jelly now?
Is that what your actually meant to do?
Looks like didn't actually do it
Actually you know, pause
It's hard
Sucking noises emanate resulting from sucking jelly from plastic fruit shaped containers.
Oh! it's so hard, that my head nearly came off.
Mum can I have some lemonade?
There you go.
Hey!Brock I am not going to give you as much because yours is wider
Arh! huh!
There you go Brock.
Oh! excuse me, cuse me (giggle)
You OK mum?
She is tired, aren't you Mummy?
Not hungry.
Have something to eat then.
I said I wasn't hungry
Yes basically
Do want to come and watch telly with me?
Will you be OK up here mum?

This post is part of an online writing group over at Ink Paper Pen, go over and check out some of the wonderful posts involved in the challenges for Writing on Wednesday's


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Master B's latest accomplishment

This is the latest efforts from my little man, He finds writing very difficult due to having dyslexia so as I have mentioned before we celebrate anything that he is willing to write and this is no exception.
So proud of his efforts.

I go to bed then I go to sleep.
In my sleep I have an awsome dream which was a war dream.
Then I saw a tank firing at me but then my tank shot the other tank,then I saw a jet pack, I put the jet pack on my back, then flew off to the top of the hill, then my tank followed me up the hill.
I flew down and took of my jet pack and started to make a bunker with rocks. Then I saw some more tanks then I noticed they were bad tanks.
One tank got upgraded with two cannons. The bad tank shot me but lucky I had my helmet on.
The helmet broke and I died in my dream, I woke up very distresssed, heavy breathing but I realised it was just a dream.
Then end

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Day in the Park

A day in the park was just what the doctor ordered. And there could be no better park to revisit than the Melbourne Botanical Gardens with my Aunties and my kids.

The autum leaves were out and had fallen graciously for my kids to enjoy throwing up in the air and to see where they would land.

The rain held off to give us a beautifull winters day with sunshine and not too much wind to make it unpleasant.

The swans came to visit and see what we had to offer.

And many photo opportunities arose so I had the chance to partake in an activity that I really enjoy when I have the time.

I cant think of too many othere ways I would like to spend my time.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Silent Sunday

This is what I dreamt of being my Silent Sunday, But alas we had to come home and I had to cast my thoughts back to when I was here in this very spot looking over this paddock, whilst all hell was breaking loose when the kids were running around the house on their Easter Eggs hunt ( the hunt was fun though)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A door an whole lot of magic the full and completed version

Once upon a time there were three children, their names were Chloe, she was the oldest, and she was thirteen.
Her Brother Nicholas was ten years old and they had a little sister called Annabella, she was three.
They went outside to play tag but after a while they got bored. Chloe came up with some great idea's to play but no one interested, Hmmmm! sighed Chloe, l give up.
You see the kids had just moved into the giant mansion a couple of weeks ago
l’m going to have a look around said Nicholas
Where? Chloe asked.
Through the bushes over there. And off he ran.
Wait up shouted Chloe, she picked up
Annabella and ran to catch up with Nicholas.
OOWWW! Yelled Nicholas.
Are you ok Nicholas ?said Chloe,
Yes said Nicholas, wow! come over here look what l found.
Wow! Said Chloe it's a door with gold all
around it.
Let’s take a look inside said Nicholas,
NO! Said Chloe, who was a bit frightened.
Nicholas didn’t listen and opened the door anyway and was very surprised to feel a big gust of wind that nearly made him fall over.
Annabelle came over and started staring in through the door at a big tornado, she was staring so hard that she fell through the doorway and just like being sucked through a straw she was taken into the tornado windstorm .
Nicholas jumped in after her and just caught her hand and held on to her tightly.
Chloe was worried she was all alone the only thing she could think of was to follow them.
I coming! yelled Chloe
As the three children fell through the Tornado they felt dizzy and weary their bodies went all limp and they found it hard to keep awake, before they knew it they were asleep.
They woke up with all these people who looked a lot like fairies, with wings which were see through and their clothes were made out of yellow and green leaves.
The fairy people were staring at them with an amazed look on their faces.
Wow I feel dizzy Chloe said to Nicholas, I do too replied Nicholas and where is Annabella?
“I don’t know” said Chloe feeling worried and who are these creatures.
Who are you said Nicholas and where have you taken our sister.
The fairy people did not reply, they just picked them up and pushed them along a pebbled path that led towards a big giant tree.
Once they got to the tree they saw a big hole in the trunk, Nicholas and Chloe stopped and stared at the tree in amazement, It was the biggest hole they had ever seen.
The fairy people did not let them stand and stare for too long before they started to push them through the hole.
Chloe and Nicholas were feeling quite frightened it was quite dark and they could not see anything.
They were being pushed along a corridor and could see a light at the end.
Where are they taking us? said Chloe and Nicholas at the same time.
Soon they realised they were being taken to someone very important because they were being led into a chasm that looked like the great hall of magic, it had sparkles all over the round tall room.
There was a chair in the centre of the room with gold and silver and crystal clear diamonds on it! And there was a fairy propped on the chair.
The fairy looked a lot like the others except he had a crown on his very royal and noble looking head, he also had a cape made out of red and green leaves which draped across the floor and in his hand he held a big staff.
“He must be their king” whispered Nicholas.
The King then shouted “Who are you” in a deep and dark voice.
I am “Nicholas this is my sister Chloe.”
Where did you come from? boomed the King.
We live in Australia said Nicholas.
Where is that ?said King Fishua.
From where we standing it’s up there said Chloe pointing to the ceiling
Up there in the sky? No! No! No, you must be mistaken said King Fishua.
No were not mistaken said Chloe, we came through a magic door, our sister Annabella, fell in, so we went after her.
Well where is Annabella now? said King Fishua. We don’t know, we thought that you had her replied Chloe.
No we don’t have her said King Fishua,
Now HHmmmmmmmmm I wonder where she is?
Oh King Fushua, said one of the fairies who’s name was Flixy and was the kings best knight, he had the most sparkly gold armour that shone like a star in the night.
I was walking through The Forest of Shame and I saw goblins carrying a little girl and we all know that goblins love to eat little children.
What! Goblins eat children Chloe and Nicholas cried
What if it is Annabella? whispered Chloe to Nicholas we have to try and find her before the Goblins eat her.
King Fishua spoke in a low worried voice, Yes we have to see what the Goblins are up too.
We have had many fights with the Goblins because the goblin leader Narsarous wants my crown and he took my wife and daughter away to convince me to give it up.
But I could not give up my kingdom because we would be made into their slaves.
I have hunted for many years and we have not been able to find my wife and daughter.
I think it is time to stand up to the Goblin Narsarous to protect the Kingdom and get you sister back.
Get the fairy army ready, Nicholas go with Flixy he will find some armour for you
Next King Fushua stamped his starf on the ground, the starf had gold strips curled all the way down and a big blue diamond on top!
All of a sudden too young girl fairies came flying down from the steps at the corner of the room. They were carrying a bottle between them.
They landed in front of Chloe and gave Chloe the bottle.
Drink it said King Fushua.
Chloe took a sip and she started to feel tingling on her back.
All of a sudden she started to grow sparkly wings.
King Fishua then told the two fairies to take Chloe to the Great Hall where they were to teach Chloe to fly.
Nicholas then came into the room and stood in front of the king he had great armour on and was holding a golden sword, he also had wings.
Just then Chloe came flying down with bronze coloured armour and a bow and arrow.
Ahh! Said King Fisuhua, You are ready,
now lets go and finish Goblin Narsarous off once and for all.
So they set off and went to The Forest of Shame with King Fishua’s army following behind
Once they reached the forest, they saw Goblin Nasarous and his Army waiting for them Hi! old friend snarled Goblin Nasarous, we were never old friends replied King Fishua!
We are here to get our family back.
What family said the Goblin.
Enough said King Fishua if you won’t hand them over then we will make you. Charge! He yelled.
Then they all just ran towards the Goblins, Nicholas and Chloe flew into the air and started attacking.
As they flew up into the air Chloe spotted Annabella and too other girls in a cage.
Chloe started to shoot her bow and arrow and flew down to Anabella and looked for the key to unlock the cage.
While Nicholas was fighting the Goblins. One of the girls said the key is on the hook. Chloe said thanks and got the key, she opened the lock and got Annabella
The two other girls were fairies and flew after Chloe to the tree where King Fishua and all the fairies lived.
Chloe found the fairy nursemaids and left the girls with them so they were kept safe and then she flew back to the forest where all the Goblins were lying on the ground dead except for Goblin Nasarous who was being held by Nicholas and surrounded by King Fishua and his army.
Nicholas said King Fishua come take your victory, King Fishua pulled out his knife and stabbed the Goblin.
The Goblin fell at King Fishua’s feet dead.
King Fishua yelled victory is ours lets go home and celebrate.
As they walked through the trees big door and into the King Chamber King Fishua saw two fairies standing with a little girl.
Nicholas and Chloe ran up to Annbella and hugged her tight.
Then King Fishua let out a big gasp and ran up to the two fairies standing next to Annabella.
Who are they whispered Chloe to Nicholas, they are the Kings wife and daughter said a fairy standing near by.
King Fishua then turned to Chloe and said I am so happy to have my family back together how can I ever repay you?
Chloe just said if you could just take us home that would be a great.
King Fishua said my pleasure but first you must come celebrate with us and I will get you home after that.
So off they went to celebrate their freedom from the Goblins and the fact that Nicholas,Chloe and Annnabella are now friends with the fairies.
The End

Friday, March 18, 2011


She didn't know we were going, we wanted it that way, hard enough to deal with what we had to deal with anyway.

Not sure what to expect but knew it was going to be one of the toughest things we have ever done.

We knew he would not know us or even have an distant memory, but we needed the chance to say our last goodbye's and feel peace within ourselves that this will close many doors that have been left opened for too many years.

We walk in and there he is lying just as he normally would have been, arms behind his head and peaceful.
We go up and even though he had changed and is frail he was still the same man.

We say hello and he mumbles something, not sure what exactly but the accent is the same and there is comfort in that.

His blue eye's are the same and we wonder what he is seeing and whether the continual staring means he does recognise us just a little.

We stay for a while and chat, hard to know what to say but it is better than saying nothing.

We worry she may come in and find that we have come, this would not make her happy, likes to have control, but not this time.

We did what we had to do, if not for anyone else but for ourselves ,we said goodbye to the man we call our Dad and even though we are happy we have done so we are sad because we had too.

I just hope peace comes quickly and where ever he may go he can go and be the man he was instead of being the shell of a man he has become.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vegi Garden Update

Our little vegi garden is getting there, we have a mixture of seeds, seedlings and mature plants growing.

They even survived a big down pour the other week, which saw us go into some serious damage control.

But as you can see all is well and hopefully we will see some fruits of our labour.
Fingers crossed


Monday, January 3, 2011

The Vegie Garden

This is our second attempt at creating a vegie garden on one of our balconies which rarely gets used, so what better way to utilise a blank space than to get the kids into vegie growing, I can't say that our first attempt was a big failure we did manage to get two little carrots out of it.

This is my lovely daughter lovingly planting the seeds to put into our little hot house, Just need to remember that when they sprout to put them in the bigger tub.
My little man was impressed by the colour of the bean seeds hopefully he will be suitably impressed with the beans themselves and actually might eat them. Finger crossed.

We plan to go and purchase some bigger plants and pots so we can have a wide variety to watch and cultivate.
If we can make a good go of this, I am hoping that my children will grow to love the joy of growing what you can eat.
Stayed tuned

The Porch

I am not sure if anyone feels the same as I do about porches.

There is something homely about them, they see so many things they hear so many stories and hold them treasured for years.

One of my favourite porches would be at my Uncle and Aunties property in Rushworth, we have spent many hours sitting chatting with friends, the kids or quietly reading a book.

It is a place of comfort and serenity that is hard to come by.

This porch is adorned with objects that tell of recent adventures around Australia (which my Auntie and Uncle have seen a whole lot of), It also tells of lifestyles of times gone by and depicts the life they choose to live now.

So many memories and experiences to be shared or to enhance the great feeling that this porch provides.

I look forward to having such an area that I can sit and ponder what I have experienced in life and share good times with my family and friends.