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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Photographer in the making (maybe)

I saw the add in the paper, Cranbourne is turning 150Yrs and the Bulla Bulla Community Centre was celebating by hosting a photgraphic competition.

I have always enjoyed photography and my daughter and son have both shown an interest,

so I thought it would be nice to enter.

The theme for the competition was to take a photo in the Cranbourne area and to use your imagination.

So one sunny Saturday afternoon we went to Cranbourne to take our photos, we only went to three locations within the main area of Cranbourne, one being a local Presbytarian Church, two was the Old Shire Offices and thirdly was a park.

Click click went the camera the three of us taking in turn to take our shots.

Once we had exhausted all of our prospective phot options, we headed home to sort through which ones we would print and enter into the competition.

Once all set with our photos, I headed down to the community Centre to drop off our entries, mind you on the last possible day and quite late in the day and with the week I was having it was lucky I managed to get them in at all.

The weeks went by and we planed to attend the display night where the winners were to be announced.

The week of the function arrived and I received a phone call from one of the organisers to see if we were definitely coming, as one of our family members had been short listed, Well wasn't this a surprise, we had been excited just to be involved in the competition, let alone be in the running for a prize.

The Friday night of the function finally arrived and the three of us went to see the display, We managed to get a quick look at some of the photos before we were all called in for the formal part of the evening.

The first winner to be announced was the winner of the junior section which was up to 12 years, so both my daughter and son were eligible to win and at this stage we did not know who was short listed.

Then it came, my son was announced the winner of the junior section, well you could imagine my joy and his on receiving his certificate and an envelope holding a $100 note, You could not hide the excitement from his face, as he had never seen an $100 note let alone have one.

The announcements kept on flowing and it was time to announce the photo that was awarded best in show and to my utter amazement my sons photo was announced as the winner.

Up he went with a look of complete surprise and was given an envelope with $200 in it. my goodness me you could not wipe the grin of his face.

What a fantastic night we had, I am still in absolute awe of my little man and how he conducted himself and how he interacted with all the people who came and spoke to him about his photo and the pride I have in the fact that my kids are willing to put themselves out there and give things an red hot go.

My daughter was very gracious over her brother winning and that in itself makes me proud to call our kids ours.


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