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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I remember

I have not had time recently to head over to
But having a few minutes spare tonight to wander over and see what is going on, the opportunity to visit some exercises that we had attempted earlier has proven to be the perfect opportunity to use this time for reflection.
I chose to revisited a timed exercise with the title of I remember.
I have used this exercise to write the things I remember about my Nan who unfortunately passed away two weeks ago.
So thank you Inkpaperpen for giving me a prompt to write some memories that will now last for more than a lifetime.

I Remember

I remember the time we spent with you over our school holidays, and thinking back I wonder why you were happy to have four screaming kids with you for an extended period of time.
I remember your love of coffee, icecream and the Woman's Day.
I remember your passion for your garden.
And your little dogs Tiny and Ish
I remember you hair always being silky grey.
I remember when you walked, one of you feet would slightly turn outwards.
I remember our trips to the shopping centre and always stopping at the toy store on our way home.
I remember your red shoe's and how your little dogs would go crazy when you put them on, as they knew it was time for walk.
I remember you sitting in your favourite chair watching the tennis while you knitted something special or painted your nails.
I remember that moisturiser which was contained in a pineapple shaped dispenser and that you were the only person I knew who would moisturise their elbow's
I remember the long chats we would have over a cuppa when I came home from school.
I will always remember being grateful that my children can say they knew their great Nan.
I remember you.


  1. Oh Tan that is just gorgeous.
    Love that you were able to remember and relish in the memories that you have of your nan.
    My heart and love goes out to you and your family.
    A beautiful memory you have extended the life of through your children.

  2. What lovely memories. It's so nice that you've remembered very small details about your Nan, like her toes pointing outwards when she walked. I'm sorry to hear of her passing. Grandmothers are special people :)