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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fungal Fascination

Now don't worry I am not referring to liking my husband's feet when he takes his boots off after a long day at work, I am referring to a new found interest that seem to have occurred not by any design but by situation.

As many you may or not know our family have managed to go away alot this year, fantastic you say and I would have to agree whole heatedly it has been fantastic.

On our adventure we have had many opportunities to walk through some very lovely forest and take in the tranquility ( well when my son can keep quiet that is) and the sights as we go.

And this is where my fungal fascination, I believe reared its head.

Have you ever noticed how fascinating fungus is, here are these growths sprouting out of trees, logs or under foliage. Sometimes if you blinked you would miss it, they are either bright in colour or in muted tones that blend into the very plant that that they are attached too. They sit there in there damp little homes you could almost imagine the fairies using them for stools or for finding shelter from the rain.

They have many different forms and each have their own features that give them an unique appeal.

I have taken photos of these such finds in my travels and thought
I would share them with you and maybe just maybe you might
find yourself just a little fascinated in these weird little growths called fungus.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In what order do we rate who we are?

I randomly wrote the title of this post and then realised that whilst I was thinking about life and what we as mums wives friends sister do in it, I realised I wrote Myself last.

Not that I feel this was intentional at all, it is sometimes how it is, We quite often put other things before we are or allow ourselves to be just that ourselves.

As I think and ponder the question I have realised that I have not even factored in the fact that amongst all of those things I am an employee.

Well not so much today being the employee because I have my little man at home sick and being Mum today took priority.

Or has the opportunity to write my thoughts down taken over, he is quietly sitting on the couch with the dog watching one of his favourite movies, wonderful what panadol will do to help with the pain relief, something a mums hug can only partially fix.

So how do we manage to find ourselves in all that we have in our lives when there is so many influencing factors that seem to get in the way.

E,G little man home sick form school and I have no choice but to be Mum, even if I had chosen to be Tania at the start of the day.

What sparked off this thinking was two conversation I had, interestingly enough at separate occasions to a husband and wife who are friends of mine. The wife who by the way is also a wife, a stay at home Mum and a writer and I am sure she will fit into the friend category along the way, she was having a particularly hard time with her two year old who was doing what two year old's do well, say No and chuck Tanties.

Now most of these events as mothers we know and deal with on different levels and at different times in our lives, having being there myself I could certainly sympathise with the frustration that it can bring,but this also brings to mind the frustration of juggling the sense of self, with this overwhelming feeling of guilt to want to be your own person.

I find that a lot of the time I am who other people need or want me to be but not necessarily who I want to be.

I struggle with the fact that I do work and feeling the need to be more home with my children because as they say they are only this little once, But I could only get the opportunities that have come my way only once, so how do you make the decision?

I think I would go totally around the bend and feel like my friend is feeling with her two year old if I was to stay at home full time.

So I make my decision to be a Mum,Wife Friend Sister, Myself and an employee and manage to fit it all in, I think reflecting on the situation we put ourselves in helps us realise to put our selves first at least some of the time and deal with all the others as they arise or literally just smack us in the face.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why do they have an opinion?

I was wondering something about Why? people feel the need to give their opinion clearly when you dont want it.

Let me explain.

I attended my first market today as a stall holder, I have been thinking about this for some time as we have a great product.

Being my first market I was green in how things worked and how to go about certain aspects and was usinng this opportunity to feel my way and work things out. I fugure the more I do the better I will get.

But this is not my beef, I get so frustrated when you tell people that this is your first market and yes we know our product has potential but you have to start slowly and work your way to expanding the range and potentially where you might market your product.

But these people just still have to tell you what you should be doing, I am sure they are doing so with all good intention but when are they going to listen and just let me do it my way and how I am comfortable.

Some days I wish I wasn't so polite and just tell these people to BACK OFF.

I will get there in my own good time and when I am happy to do so.