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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fungal Fascination

Now don't worry I am not referring to liking my husband's feet when he takes his boots off after a long day at work, I am referring to a new found interest that seem to have occurred not by any design but by situation.

As many you may or not know our family have managed to go away alot this year, fantastic you say and I would have to agree whole heatedly it has been fantastic.

On our adventure we have had many opportunities to walk through some very lovely forest and take in the tranquility ( well when my son can keep quiet that is) and the sights as we go.

And this is where my fungal fascination, I believe reared its head.

Have you ever noticed how fascinating fungus is, here are these growths sprouting out of trees, logs or under foliage. Sometimes if you blinked you would miss it, they are either bright in colour or in muted tones that blend into the very plant that that they are attached too. They sit there in there damp little homes you could almost imagine the fairies using them for stools or for finding shelter from the rain.

They have many different forms and each have their own features that give them an unique appeal.

I have taken photos of these such finds in my travels and thought
I would share them with you and maybe just maybe you might
find yourself just a little fascinated in these weird little growths called fungus.


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