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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The things we do.

I have often thought about our life and the things we do, we are certainly lucky enough to have opportunities to experience some great things with some great people.

Off Road Rush is one of these such opportunities in our life with which we are grateful, As many may know my husband is an instructor for a company called Off Road Rush,and for those who don't you may ask, what is it?

Well it is an adrenalin pumped experience where you get to learn to drive a V8 Off Road Race Buggy and then experience the thrill of hot laps which are taken by the instructors.

Aside from the adrenalin pumped experience being part of what we enjoy, the owners of the company are people who are excited and passionate about what they do and we feel very privileged to be involved with people who are positive and fun to be around.
We feel we have formed a great friendship,even though we do not get to catch up all that often as we live in different states but as in all good friendships we just get along as if we saw each other yesterday.

It is also about being part of something where you see the customers smiles and excitement of an experience we can sometimes take for granted or treat as a normal part of life.

All these elements are great to reflect on and we often relish the great opportuniites that have come our way and enjoy the fact we are pretty lucky for them to do so.

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