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Friday, November 26, 2010

The things we do continued

As I have mentioned in my last post we are most fortunate to lead a full and what I beleive interesting life with the activites and experiences we are able to partake in.

Water sking is one of these such endeavours in which I feel very grateful to our friends who own a lovely boat and we get to out sking on a regular basis.

Waterskiing has been part of our life even before kids and before marriage, so needless to say a long time.

We would head alot up to Frazer National Park and stay in the camping ground and have many a night full of alchohol fueld games(not that I would partake in this activity but certainly had to put up with the noise right out side your tent) and still get up a 6am to make sure took the opportunity to ski on flat water, as you and then back to camp for a Nanna nap to prepare once again for a fun filled night.

We have also been heading up to Mildura every easter for the last twenty years where we get to camp on the river bank and ski and generally relax the day away and then enjoy a huge camp fire which would have cooked our roast earlier on.

It has now come the time where our children are enjoying the same experience and lucky for them at alot younger age than myself.

Both of my children have progressed from the kneeboard to the wake board and have many goes on the biscuit, it is wonderful to see there faces as they scoot acroos the water and enjoy what I have enjoyed for many years.

I am certainly blessed to have this as a part of our lives and if I am still doing it into my sixties Iwill be all the gratefull.

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