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Friday, December 3, 2010

major accomplishment

This is a story I have great pleasure to put on our blog, My little man also suffers from dyslexia and processing issues as does my daughter, whom is in the process of writing her story as you can see in other posts A door and a whole lot of magic.

Now you may be wondering why I have named this post major accomplishment and the reason being is at the start of this year we were struggling to get my little man of eight (who we will refer to as BP) to even write a sentence, it was to the point of we were happy if he wrote even a few words with the help of his aids (who I might add are the salt of the earth).

By the end of term three this year we had a sentence, it may not have been grammatically correct or the spelling totally right but we had a full sentence of writing and boy were we proud.

So I am sure can understand my absolute delight upon hearing that we have almost two pages of written work( big writing) written with enthusiasm by BP.
And I would like to share this with you as I believe this deserves all the recognition it can get.

Note: Spelling has been corrected but all the rest is as it is written by BP.

The Marvellous Machine.

One day the President of Afghanistan sent his spy Mr Shadow to find a Marvellous Machine which makes extremely brilliant robots.

Mr Shadow heard a noise in the biggest pyramid in the world. Mr Shadow went to investigate the pyramid.
Mr Orange spotted the spy so the spy ran away from the robots. The robots ran after the spy. The spy got away and the spy told the news to the President.
The President said "well done"find out more about this marvelous machine.
The spy went back to the marvelous machine. The spy got caught by the robots.
Mr Shadow said let go of me the robots took the spy to Mr Orange, Mr orange said why did you try and steal our machine the spy said nothing.
Mr Orange said go away and never come back.

The End

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