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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Master B's latest accomplishment

This is the latest efforts from my little man, He finds writing very difficult due to having dyslexia so as I have mentioned before we celebrate anything that he is willing to write and this is no exception.
So proud of his efforts.

I go to bed then I go to sleep.
In my sleep I have an awsome dream which was a war dream.
Then I saw a tank firing at me but then my tank shot the other tank,then I saw a jet pack, I put the jet pack on my back, then flew off to the top of the hill, then my tank followed me up the hill.
I flew down and took of my jet pack and started to make a bunker with rocks. Then I saw some more tanks then I noticed they were bad tanks.
One tank got upgraded with two cannons. The bad tank shot me but lucky I had my helmet on.
The helmet broke and I died in my dream, I woke up very distresssed, heavy breathing but I realised it was just a dream.
Then end


  1. Wow, Brock, scary but very fun dream! The jet pack would be so cool to really use.

  2. Great story Brock, so descriptive.

  3. You have described your dream in great detail Brock and it was really interesting to read - well done!