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Monday, June 13, 2011

To watch and listen

The scene is set in my kitchen with my two children making something for tea.It is one of those nights when I can't be bothered cooking, so anything goes. I sit quietly in the corner watching and listening to them both, it all makes sense when you are viewing the activity set out before you but to now to have only the dialog has really made me realise how to view life in its entirety and not in parts gives you a clearer view.

Um! Shea, you are allowed your purple one.
I am saving mine for desert.
Feel hungry.
Mum can I have jelly now
Can I have my jelly now?
Is that what your actually meant to do?
Looks like didn't actually do it
Actually you know, pause
It's hard
Sucking noises emanate resulting from sucking jelly from plastic fruit shaped containers.
Oh! it's so hard, that my head nearly came off.
Mum can I have some lemonade?
There you go.
Hey!Brock I am not going to give you as much because yours is wider
Arh! huh!
There you go Brock.
Oh! excuse me, cuse me (giggle)
You OK mum?
She is tired, aren't you Mummy?
Not hungry.
Have something to eat then.
I said I wasn't hungry
Yes basically
Do want to come and watch telly with me?
Will you be OK up here mum?

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  1. Isn't it amazing how raw dialogue gives so much? I did like you, just what was said and was amazed to see the picture it formed, just as yours does.

  2. Kids' conversations are so much fun, but so hard to follow! Well done for keeping up with it.

  3. I do like the kid's conversations too. They always bring up something to think about, don't they? The slurping noises are great. The slurping action reveals a lot about what was happening it itself, even without the jelly explanation - this is what I love about this exercise! Hope you enjoyed the exercise. Thanks for joining in with Write On Wednesday. See you next Wednesday! Gill xo

  4. Well done on capturing their conversation so well, I love how you have added a few background lines (like the slurping jelly cup) to add that little extra to the piece. Beautiful