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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Vegie Garden

This is our second attempt at creating a vegie garden on one of our balconies which rarely gets used, so what better way to utilise a blank space than to get the kids into vegie growing, I can't say that our first attempt was a big failure we did manage to get two little carrots out of it.

This is my lovely daughter lovingly planting the seeds to put into our little hot house, Just need to remember that when they sprout to put them in the bigger tub.
My little man was impressed by the colour of the bean seeds hopefully he will be suitably impressed with the beans themselves and actually might eat them. Finger crossed.

We plan to go and purchase some bigger plants and pots so we can have a wide variety to watch and cultivate.
If we can make a good go of this, I am hoping that my children will grow to love the joy of growing what you can eat.
Stayed tuned

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  1. Ooh I. Can't wait to see how it grows. I must get ours going again.