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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silent Time Together

Here we are sitting side by side not saying much, both engrossed in what we are doing, Well as you can probably guess I am writing, The man in my life is sitting playing what I can only guess to be some kids game that he has found whilst looking on the internet, You know those ones that have the monotonous music that plays over and over,but kind of has a relaxing element to it and entices you to play just one more game.
Not sure what number he is up to at the moment and really it does not matter, here we are together happy in each others company, doing our own thing and every now and again we might utter a few words, hah like now he has just uttered "How are you going you crusty haggis", that's all no more and that is OK, some women would be offended by his words but I know he is just saying Hi.
How did we get to this comfortable part in our life, just happy to be in the same room just knowing each other are there.
I am not going to think too much about it, I am just going to enjoy the fact that it just is.


  1. Saturday was great, how lovely to see LeShea again, last time she was a small child. Once again the occasion was "family" to us and hopefully we will continue to keep in touch. Reading the blog about Silent Time Together made me wish that all marriages could be so happy and compatible! Ours is like that I can think of something eg turn the sound up on the radio..and without saying anything Les will do it! We could go for months without saying anything! Leon said to me on Saturday that his mother used to say the greatest test of a relationship is if you can travel well together! How true! Anyway I hope LeShea doesn't have a strange view of bereavement after the lovely laughter on Saturday when we were scattering the ashes, hopefully she will retain the memory that often death is a good experience.

  2. Thanks Sue, I think I am pretty lucky to have a marriage like ours even the bad moments. And Leshea has survived unscathed so all good.