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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Where he got to in 2011

I have been wanting to write this post for some time now but with christmas and a very busy January I am just managing to get to it now, So I am really proud to give to you my little man B's latest and longest piece of work he has ever produced. Written with enthusiasm which makes us all very happy.
So here we go the latest addition and a great way to end the school year in 2011

It all started at a little village called One Tree Hill Road and at a little house there was a little boy called Jack and he lived with his Father and Mother.
One night Jack went hunting for food. He found a red egg.
When he went home he hid the egg in some hay.
The next night the egg started to hatch into a dragon, a red dragon. Then the dragon breathed blue fire onto Jacks hand which made a spiral shape, then Jack fell asleep.
Then the next morning the dragon was hungry then the dragon saw a rat, then the dragon ate the rat.
Then Jack taught the Dragon to fly,then the dragon flew away and the dragon grew into full size then came to Jack was amazed mean while at jacks house his father was attacked by Rarsacks. The Jack came home and saw his father dying so Jack finished his life so he didn't see his father suffer.
Jack was angry. Some man came to see what had happened his name was Brock, He said we must go, Jack said I have to bury him, Brock said I will set the place on fire.
Then Brock set the place on fire. In a minute the place was a huge fire . Then Jack was upset, then they set off into the jungle and they rode on the horses for a while untill they stopped .
Brock and Jack will we make camp here said Brock, Jack said will we be safe? Brock said Yes as long as nobody see's us we will be safe here. Then they set up camp. then it became night. Then they went to bed they saw nasty mean growlers, they ran away from the growlers. Brock said that was close and quick lets go so we can get some sleep.
Brock you stay and ambush the growlers.

And the story  may continue, We are so proud of his efforts so far.

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