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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Doing it all on your own

Have you ever sat and wondered what it would be like if you suddenly found yourself on your own.
By this I mean your partner is not with you for one reason or the other.
I have found myself thinking about this very subject this week.
Now don't fret my husband and I are still together but he has had to be in hospital this week due to celulitis.
It has not been nice to say in the least, the infection became quite serious and he has had to go on very strong antibiotics.
The good news is he should be home tomorrow and we shall be a happy family again.
But getting back to my point, I have had a extremely busy week coping with the normal routine of getting the kids where they need to be, visiting my husband and making sure he has all he needs,organising the house and to add to the caos, visits to another hospital due to my father in law needing treatment for cancer.

Through out this time I have found myself thinking, I could not do this on my own in a full time capacity, It has made me realise that we (being my husband and I) work very well as a team and for that I am gratefull.

I wonder how do all the single parents out there do it, I know they would say they have to, but I sit here in total admiration for those people out there that are coping and finding the strength to do this on a full time basis.

I also realise how lucky I am to have a man in my life who is supportive and willing to help in this big task that is with us for the next how ever many years.

Would love to hear if you have found yourself in the same situation as me at some stage and how you manged to get through.


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