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Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Door and a Whole Lot of Magic (Part 3).

They woke up with all these people who looked alot like fairies standing around them, they had wings which were see through and their clothes were made out of yellow and green leaves.
The fairy people were staring at them with an amazed look on their faces.

WOW! I feel dizzy Chloe said to Nicholas , I do too replied Nicholas and where is Annabella?
I don't know said Chloe feeling worried and who are these creatures?

Who are you? said Nicholas and where have you taken our sister?

The fairy people did not reply they just picked them up and pushed them along a pebbled path that led towards a big giant tree.

Once they got to the tree they saw a big hole in the trunk, Nicholas and Chloe stopped and stared at the tree in amazement, It was the biggest hole they had ever seen.

The fairy people did not let them stand and stare for to long before they started to push them through the hole.
Chloe and Nicholas were feeling quite frightened, it was dark and they could not see anything.

As they were being pushed along a corridor their eyes started to get used to the dark. And they could see a light at the end.

Where are they taking us? said Chloe and Nicholas at the same time.

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