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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

To Achieve or not to Achieve this is the question.

Ever wondered why we strive to achieve what we do in life, I have been thinking quite alot about what I would like to achieve in my life and also what I have already done so far.
But I had this thought today Why do we do it? We inevitably will end up six feet under and will what we have done made any difference anyway?

Is it for self satisfaction, to keep up with the Joneses or is it so at our funeral people have something to say and there are not those deathly silences (excuse the pun) with the guests wondering what to say whilst they stand around eating cucumber sandwiches and drinking coffee.

Or does it really matter what is said? you cant hear it anyway( well don't quote me I have not experienced it my self and am not planning to do soon).
So this still brings me back to my original question why do I feel the need to achieve, why cant we just be, is this something I put on myself or is it society that creates these pressures to do so.

I'll go now and let you ponder if you have any insight to the answer please let me know.


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